About us

About us

Perhaps the one and only thing that unites each and every Sri Lankan together in the name of the island is Sri Lankan cricket and rightfully so. Long before anything else put the name of the island on the world map, it is the tropical flair of our hardy Sri Lankan cricketers that made the world giants to invite us to the top table. With its highs and lows, ebbs and flows, peaks and plateaus, Sri Lankan cricket rather reflects the island’s way of life. 

Apart from the unmistakable extraordinary action on the pitch, it is the incredible cheering of the fervent Sri Lankan fans that transfixes. Amidst all such raucous cheering, the beats of a literally infectious rhythm stand out. These energetic and wildly amusing beats have long been part and parcel of Sri Lankan cricket, creating a formidable cheering squad in any part of the world. Indigenous to Sri Lanka, ‘Papare’ is the island’s ultimate form of frenetic music that gets both players and crowds going. Rooted in these traditions, the Papare Army — Melbourne came to life in 2002 as a five-piece papare band in a bid to support our lions — the national Cricket Team of Sri Lanka — beyond the borders of our paradise isle.

Today, the twenty-men-strong Papare Army not only joins every Sri Lankan cricket match to make sure that every single run scored is cheered outrageously but also is ready to infuse any occasion with a sense of exhilaration to keep you in high spirits.  We are incredibly proud to make the pulse of Sri Lanka heard across the world, galvanizing the whole atmosphere with our quintessentially Sri Lankan tunes. 

Papare Army" is an enthusiastic and passionate Sri Lankan cricket fans group that has gained recognition as the official fan group of Sri Lanka cricket. Known for their vibrant and energetic support, the Papare Army is a prominent feature at cricket matches, both at home and abroad.

The name "Papare Army" originates from the word "papare," which refers to a traditional Sri Lankan brass band that plays energetic and lively music during cricket matches. The group was formed with the aim of creating a unified and dedicated community of cricket enthusiasts who could rally behind the Sri Lankan cricket team, boosting their morale and creating an electrifying atmosphere in the stadiums.

The Papare Army is renowned for their distinctive style and exuberance, often dressing in traditional Sri Lankan attire, including sarongs, cricket jerseys, and vibrant headbands. Their presence in the stands is hard to miss, as they cheer and chant in unison, displaying their unwavering support for the national team.

Apart from their energetic presence during matches, the Papare Army also engages in various activities to promote Sri Lankan cricket. They organize events, fan gatherings, and social initiatives aimed at nurturing young talent and supporting cricket development in the country. The group uses social media platforms and online forums to connect with fans worldwide, fostering a sense of camaraderie among Sri Lankan cricket enthusiasts.

The Papare Army has become an integral part of Sri Lankan cricket culture, serving as a symbol of unwavering support and passionate fandom. Their impact extends beyond the boundaries of the cricket field, as they contribute to the overall atmosphere and excitement surrounding the sport in Sri Lanka.

Being recognized as the official fan group of Sri Lanka cricket, the Papare Army plays a vital role in boosting team morale, creating a vibrant atmosphere, and inspiring players to perform at their best. Their unwavering support and enthusiasm make them an essential component of the Sri Lankan cricketing experience. 

Our Vision
Our vision is to be internationally recognized as the number one Sri Lankan best fans in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the pulse of Sri Lanka - Papare music - heard across the world in order to preserve this indigenous form of music for posterity and entertain people beyond borders.