Cricket fans are the lifeblood of the game, and we are proud to be part of it. While entertaining fans and players alike at cricket match remains our core service, we also provide a host of other entertainment services for an extended version of celebrations.

* Arranging dedicated Papare Army seating areas at cricket matches held in Australia and other countriesOrganizing meet and greet events.

* during breaks and after matchesConducting entertaining events throughout the year, including our most sought-after end of the tour charity parties.

* Producing a fun range of Papare Army merchandise.

* Organizing end-to-end tour packages.

* Creating entertaining video content featuring the latest hits and shenanigans on the stands.

* Producing our own podcast, the ‘View from Lion’s Den program as well as the Papare Army TV content with current and former players.

* Sharing our expertise and knowledge with traveling fans through our social media platforms and other online forums.

* Collaborating with national and local charities to organize numerous fundraising events.

* Organizing the Papare Army cricket matches and tournaments in Australia and overseas for our members